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 Idaho Dive Pirates started when we bought all assets except the name of the previous businesses that came before us.  The business was originally founded as Inland Scuba Schools by a gentleman named Randy Sayer.  All assets of Randy's business were purchased by Keith and Patty Christensen who renamed the store Inland Scuba Inc.  the Christensen's ran it at 551 S Capital in Idaho Falls from 1994-2012.  The Christensen's then sold as they were heading into retirement and they sold all assets of the business to Steve and Tammy Browning, who renamed the business Inland Scuba Emporium.  They ran it for about a year but had to sell when they were having another child and Steve had been deployed with our military, Steve if you're reading this we wish to thank you for your service.  The Browning's sold the Store to Bret and Ashley Stewart who renamed the store Idaho Dive Pirates.  It all started with painting the building on South Capital Carribean Blue and painting a pirate ship on the wall.  At Idaho Dive Pirates we thrive on our unwavering passion for all things water-related, and we can't wait to share that enthusiasm with you. Whether you're a beginner eager to plunge into the world of scuba diving or an experienced diver seeking to push your limits, we have everything you need to make a splash.
Our top-notch courses cater to divers of all levels, ensuring that novices receive expert instruction in the fundamentals while experienced divers can elevate their skills to new heights. With our comprehensive range of gear and state-of-the-art facilities, including an onsite pool and classroom, we create the perfect environment for both educational and recreational purposes.
Safety is our utmost priority, and our team of experienced staff members is dedicated to providing a secure and enjoyable diving experience. For those seeking to expand their horizons, we offer specialized courses in extended range and public safety diving, unlocking new dimensions of underwater exploration.
Join our close-knit family of water enthusiasts and dive into the astonishing beauty that lies beneath the surface. Discover vibrant marine life, explore awe-inspiring underwater landscapes, and forge unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever. At Idaho Dive Pirates, the wonders of the underwater world await—come dive with us and make a splash like never before!

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