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Some snapshots of all the amazing times at Idaho Dive Pirates!

How we became the Pirates

In 2006 Bret was just healing up from a broken ankle where he got a LEO Purple Heart and a broken heart as he was a newly divorced Deputy Sheriff.  Looking for some fun and activity that could strengthen his ankle Bret went into the local SCUBA shop and signed up for his first class and even bought a complete kit before the first day of class.  Along comes a lot of diving trips in Bret's Suburban nicknamed by Bret and his friends Bob, Donnie, and Chris as the Black Pearl.  They would go and dive the rivers looking for lost Booty such as circlets of gold, platinum, and silver and oft finding Sunglasses and flip flops as well.  Eventually Bret Achieved his Assistant Instructor rating which was all the further he was willing to go under the Previous Scuba Shop as they said as an instructor you had to bring your own clients... well Bret worked and still works in the County Jail... there is a bit of a shortage of Dive candidates in such a place so he stuck with Assistant Instructor so he could help at the pool every Wednesday and Friday he was off work.  Eventually the owners of the previous shop sold the store to a young couple who a year later sold the store to Bret and Ashley, that was September 1, 2013.  Always looking forward to the next great adventure Bret and Ashley dove into their passion with both feet and created the Idaho Dive Pirates.  Bret went to visit Dave Boling who graduated High School with Bret, 1991.  Dave had a wicked logo on his Jeep that he had designed to commemorate his love of Idaho Scuba and Pirates.  Long story short Dave gave the Logo to Bret to use in the creation of Idaho Dive Pirates an epic adventure had begun.  Bret and Ashley ran the store at 551 S Capital for the next 9 years growing it into a small town dive shop with a massive following but they realized they had out grown the location at about the 7.5 year mark when they sought to partner up with close friends Eric and Darren to expand.  June 1, 2022 We bought the castle AKA Pirate Fort and built a pool.  December  7th, 2022 The Pirates moved into the castle at 340 East Anderson in Idaho Falls becoming the Last Pirate Stronghold in the process and leaving behind the old location that had been a scuba shop for 27 years.  

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